Why Use Demag Products?

[vc_column_text]Demag Products have played an important role in our success. We have experience with many different manufacturers, but so far, no one has come close to meeting the quality products Demag provides.

Although our first encounter with Demag in 1971 was by chance, we have learned to appreciate the true value of products from a world-class organization such as theirs. We now have more than 25 years of continuous experience applying Demag Bridge Cranes and hoists to a wide variety of crane requirements. Our success in this market has earned us a loyal customer base, and the envy of our service driven competitors.

The components in the entire Demag crane product line are designed for crane service. High quality components are the result of outcome design focus and development through prototype testing. Components are not released for marketing until they have proven that they will last in real work environments. We have never encountered a Demag product that was marketed before it was ready for work. Other crane companies can’t make this claim.
It is no accident that Demag is the largest producer of material handling products worldwide. They make more cranes of every type than anyone else in the world. Their product designs are based upon standardized components, prototype product development, and the use of modular designs that allows the flexibility and efficiency that pre-engineered components allow. Their component manufacturing facilities are IPSO 9000 certified.

Demag offers standard, well-engineered products. They direct their marketing to experienced buyers. They constantly work at improving their existing product and search for innovations that will improve the safety and value of the systems that use their products.
We understand their philosophy and have benefited from it by following their lead and stressing value over low price. We certainly have been outsold many times, but have enjoyed a great deal of success the second time around, especially when the product needs to perform a demanding task on a frequent basis. At Facilities Engineering, we believe simple, reliable and quality products win in the long haul.[/vc_column_text]