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Facilities Engineering provides solutions to materials handling and storage problems. We are materials handling experts. Our specialty is the application of equipment for handling large, heavy, or bulky objects. Facilities Engineering is a General Engineering Contractor and Licensed Professional Engineering practice specializing in overhead material handling: Bridge Cranes, Hoists, and Monorails.

Facilities Engineering provides quality equipment and service first, trusting that an experienced buyer will recognize the benefits of our years of experience applying and servicing overhead cranes and hoists. The products, whether simple applications or complex built-to-design projects, are the very best. We back our products and manufacturers’ warranties with experienced service technicians who will treat our customers fairly and professionally.


Installation & Modernization

Our specialized crew can install any materials handling system. Facilities Engineering’s 30 years of experience insures a system that will be installed safely and efficiently with the least amount of disruption to your ongoing operations. We use experienced ironworkers and certified welders to insure accurate and complete installations. Upon completion of your installation, our Certifier will inspect and certify that the system is ready for years of successful operation.

Facilities Engineering offers complete upgrades designed to reduce repair costs and guarantee the long-term viability of your equipment. We can add radio controls or upgrade your festoon and pendant systems. We also provide spare parts such as runway extensions or rail replacements.

In addition to installation and modernization, Facilities Engineering offers crane relocation services, safety inspections or OSHA annual inspections and quadrennial load tests.

Engineering Services

Engineering services available from Facilities Engineering are usually provided as part of a design/build material handling system that involves overhead material handling. Although we have provided specifications and design parameters for overhead bridge cranes for a few projects, our best work is delivered to the customer in the form of a complete working system.

We will design and build a system around equipment from your favorite supplier, or select equipment from a qualified supplier for your approval. Our business success depends heavily upon our understanding of electrical, mechanical, and structural engineering disciplines. Our professional engineering staff and associates have extensive experience designing overhead material handling systems.

Typical projects include: Overhead Materials Handling Systems, Automatic Control Systems, Storage Systems, Storage and Retrieval Systems, Special Materials Handling Systems

Crane Repair & Maintenance

acilities Engineering can get you up and running quickly with minimum downtime. Our service and support assures you that your equipment will operate now and in the future.
Our service technicians are committed to providing top quality service on time and at a fair price. From routine maintenance to troubleshooting problems, we can keep your cranes running smoothly and consistently. We offer preventative maintenance programs to help maintain the condition, performance, and reliability of your equipment. We also provide OSHA annual inspections and quadrennial load tests.

Our preventative maintenance inspections include: inspect, clean, and adjust brakes; inspect all electrical components; lubricate and adjust limit devices; inspect and lubricate rope, rope guides, load chains, sheaves, hooks and blocks.

We will establish a profile for each piece of equipment so we can: plan repairs to meet your schedule; plan modernizations to reduce long term costs; plan repairs by priority to reduce control costs.

Unlike many of our competitors, we provide itemized repair estimates.

Parts & After-Sales Support


Our highly trained service professionals are committed to maintaining the highest level of service for all customers, and their years of experience help us to set new standards in crane and hoist after sales service. Our reputation is on the line every time we service your equipment and our goal is to provide you with the best service available in the crane and hoist industry. Our experienced technicians are available for drive and motor rebuilds for emergency purposes to keep your operation running smoothly.

Facilities Engineering uses genuine Demag Parts and carry electrical components and wire ropes for most Demag hoists in our local inventory. We also provide spare parts for all manufacturers.

Unlike many of our competitors, we provide itemized repair estimates.

Operator Training

Our operator training program will familiarize your crane operators with proper handling techniques, rigging procedures, load calculations, maintenance and OSHA mandated shift inspections. Performed at your site, our training course includes classroom and “hands-on” instruction.

In addition to the Crane Operator Seminar we offer, we have available a Crane Operator Safety Video Program and CMAA Bridge Crane Operator Manuals. For your convenience, we also have posters, inspection check sheets, and handbooks

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