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Facilities Engineering was founded in 1968 by Donovan Floriani, and has continuously provided successful solutions to material handling requirements, followed respectable engineering practices, and used the highest quality products. Placing our customers needs first, we work at earning long term clientele and building customer relationships, not single experience customers.

Facilities Engineering’s approach to keeping customers is to select proven products from manufacturers with a history of success and apply them properly to satisfy our customers requirements. We work hard to resolve any problems that may arise by dealing with our customers and suppliers in a fair manner. We provide continuing technical support as needed and are always willing to accept the difficult challenges that other companies avoid.

As a leading supplier of overhead cranes in the southwestern US, Facilities Engineering is unique. None of the organizations that compete with us can match our history of successes in providing quality systems for our customers. We are OSHA certified, we hold a Class A contractor’s license, and our continuous history under the same ownership is exceeded by only a few small crane manufacturers who do not compete in the high-end crane market.

Facilities Engineering’s approach to gaining new customers is to select proven products from manufacturers with a history of success who will be there to back up their products with spares and warranty resources for years to come. Our business plan calls for properly applied quality products and service after the sale as needed to insure that the integrity of the product is maintained. Our business is not based upon profits from service and repairs, but profits from repeat business from customers who have experienced the benefits of choosing us to do the job right the first time.


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