Integrating Cranes & Monorails

Gregg Industries of El Monte, California is one of the nations leading manufacturers of complex, highly cored ferrous, high quality iron castings for the automotive and truck industries. Seven furnaces with a combined 250 ton daily melting capacity are the life line of Gregg Industries’ foundry operation. Bridge cranes and monorail hoists furnished and installed by Facilities Engineering not only move product through the foundry, but help to maintain the equipment as well.

Two cab operated top riding double girder bridge cranes with magnets quickly move piles of metal into waiting hoppers, where they are fed into the furnaces. A third overhead bridge crane aids in the maintenance of the furnaces.

From the furnaces, a half dozen monorail hoist trolleys deliver the molten metal to one of four automated molding machines, a squeezer, a pair of cope & drag strippers, two molding units, or fourteen core machines. The monorails traverse a rail system that includes thirteen air powered track switches and over 500 feet of track, including one spur that takes a hoist/trolley to a service platform.