Integrating Cranes & Monorails

Gregg Industries of El Monte, California is one of the nations leading manufacturers of complex, highly cored ferrous, high quality iron castings for the automotive and truck industries. Seven furnaces with a combined 250 ton daily melting capacity are the life line of Gregg Industries’ foundry operation. Bridge cranes and monorail hoists furnished and installed by Facilities Engineering not only move product through the foundry, but help to maintain the equipment as well.

Free Standing Crane Systems Application

We wanted to do this job because it represented a significant challenge. Because of the need to complete the project in as short a time as possible, we frequently had to coordinate our effort with other trades. We had to make a significant change in the middle of a project, and with the help of a good footing contractor, we accepted the challenge and proceeded with satisfying this requirement. And in the end, we learned that Facilities Engineering can offer the complete package to a customer from design to finish no matter the size of the project.

Unique Crane Solutions

Last year Facilities Engineering was asked to construct a specially designed crane system for the Museum of Science and Industry in Tampa, FL. This system was to be the centerpiece of one of their new exhibits, which is part of their new facility called “Kids in Charge”. This particular exhibit was created to expose children to the inner workings or factories and ports that are a common site throughout the Tampa Area.